An established travel agency in Greece (GNTO Reg. No.: 0208Ε60000693201), conveniently located along the Athens Riviera and close to Greece’s new airport with main focus on incoming tourism and more… For instituting meaningful, regular and lasting collaborations with effective partners, making a difference for the travelers, offering selected high quality services and products having a true reciprocal value and economy and offered in multiple destinations. 

Contact us for air tickets and hotels for all destinations worldwide, as well as boat tickets and unique tours of all types in Greece, competitive offers for company trips and groups as well as seamen tickets. Consult us for selecting or planning from scratch a travel package that is just right for you including your accommodation, all tickets, transfers including typical and alternative guided tours and activities on private, semi-private or organized basis. We are also offering multiple transfer options, wedding planning from standard packages to luxury dream ceremonies second to none, a broad selection for yacht chartering as well as numerous cruise options in Greece and worldwide. For full information and details explore our website, contact us and discover some true gems while you visit the best destinations! 

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Enjoy a unique yachting experience in Greece by simply filling in and sending the Yacht Booking Form below and your personal travel planner will contact you within 1 working day to address your needs. Alternatively email us on [email protected] or call us on T 0030 211 411 8555 and T/F 0030 211 827 195 for any information

Knowledge of sailing is not a prerequisite as any yacht can also be provided skippered – all you need to do is to love the idea of yachting around the Greek islands along with a need of fun and discovery through colorful waters under sunny skies and we will make it happen. With a range of over 150 boats to select from your dreams will become reality, either you are a first time sailor, a professional or a member of the yachting elite

Sailing yachts

For performance and luxury enjoy a fabulous sail for all budgets with a vast selection of boats ranging from Bavaria CR 56 to 31, from Beneteau Oceanis 54 to 34 including various Cyclades yachts, Jeanneau 54s & 53, from Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 to 33i as well as various sizes for Ocean Star, Elan, Dufour and Hanse yachts. The yachts shown indicatively here are some of the top recommended ones and are subject to availability.

Bavaria CR 56 (2014-2015)
Bavaria CR 51 (2015-2018)
Bavaria CR 46 (2018 & 2014-2017)
Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 (2018-2019)
Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 (2016-2017)
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 (2016)
Jeanneau 54 (2017)
Dufour 460 (2016)
Elan 50 i (2015)
Elan 45i (2018)
Hanse 455 (2016-2017)


Experience flying at an extra speed for a few days or for an extended journey without sacrificing comfort or luxury. Enjoy sailing for all budgets with a vast selection of boats including Nautitech, Lagoon, Bali yachts etc. The yachts shown indicatively here are some of the top recommended ones and are subject to availability.

Bavaria Nautitech 46F (2018-2019)
Lagoon 450F (2014-2019)
Lagoon 380 s2 (2016-2018)
Bali 4.3 (2016-2019)

Luxury Yachts

Charter a luxury yacht and benefit from the dedicated crew and around the clock concierge. This is a bespoke experience second to none. Operated by reliable partners and owners with more than 70 yachts to choose from they range from 40 ft. up to more than 150 ft. and offer the highest levels of luxury providing top level service for a special kind of company and exceptional people. Contact for proposals that will satisfy and exceed your expectations. The yachts shown indicatively here are some of the top recommended ones and are subject to availability.

Codecasa 112 ft.
Ferreti 75 ft.
Azimut 68 ft.
Ferretti 830
Beneteau 57
Fountain Pajot Saba 50 ft

Yacht booking form

Note that daily yachting is available for Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Lefkada embarking usually at 09:00 in the morning and returning before sundown. Special arrangements can also be made such as organized events like weddings, honeymoon trips, company yacht trips, incentive trips, bachelor parties and more
The below destinations (island and mainland yachting hotspots and ports) are presented as a possible minimum - they can be visited with sailing and catamaran yachts within the corresponding standard 1 week or 2 week period charter
Attach your sailing qualification
Note: The number of cabins for a given number of persons can vary for specific types of yachts and sizes (LOAs) and WT will advise for availabilities depending on your selections and any specific / additional requirements. Luxury yachts are available from 40 ft and above
for bareboats, sailing yachts and catamarans only. * More extra options available according to your selection

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