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Mountain Olympus Hiking and Mountaineering Classic East Route

Mountain Olympus Hiking and Mountaineering Classic East Route

250€ / per person
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Regions: North Greece – Mt. Olympus 2.917m
Objects: Myticas (2917m)
Dates: Days 2/ Nights 1 (or Days 3/ Nights 2)
Group size: from 4 persons or individuals after request Itinerary
Day 1 We drive from Litochoro to Gortsia and starting our hiking first to Petrostruga refuge and then to Muses plateau for overnight stay at the refuge (5-7 h).
Day 2 Breakfast early in the morning and then we climb to Myticas (2,917m) or Profitis ilias (highest orthodox church in Balkans) and descent to Gortsia or alternatively to Prionia via Refuge A and drive back to Litochoro (6-8 hours) Why go there: The Mt. Olympus peak is full of history and myths and stands at 2917m. This is a classic but fantastic route through the east side of the mountain. All the way it has a charming touch and the sense of connection between sea and summit. Mt. Olympus is well known for its important ecological characteristics and incomparable natural beauty as well as for its importance in the context of ancient Greek mythology and culture. In 1981 UNESCO declared “Olympus a Biosphere Reserve”. The highest point of Mt. Olympus, Mytikas, is located just 78 km from Thessaloniki and 18 km from the coast of Pieria. Expands over approximately 500 km2 and covers an essentially circular area with a width of approximately 25 km and a circumference of 80 km.
Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest in the Balkans. The terrain contains sheer rocky peaks, deep gorges, alpine fields and thick forest all combined to create a rare magic. In total there are 52 peaks ranging from altitudes of 760 m to 2.918 m which create scenes of unique beauty.
The climate of Mt. Olympus is affected by its location, size, strata and the exposure of the mountain slopes. Generally speaking it has a Mediterranean climate, warm and dry in the summer and cold and wet in the winter. For approximately seven months of the year it is covered in snow. Mt. Olympus has a high level of precipitation throughout. In fact the level of precipitation on Mt. Olympus is 1100 to 1800 mm per year. Half of the precipitation falls as snow and the other half in the form of rain and hail.
The average temperature in the winter ranges from -20 to +10 Degrees Celsius and in the summer from 0 to 20 C. Finally strong winds are a common phenomenon on Mount Olympus and sometimes the wind reaches speeds of over 100 km per hour.
The shape of Mt. Olympus, the polymorphous and changeable beauty of its nature, the fog covered peaks and low clouds cause frequent thunder storms and fill people with awe and admiration since ancient times. There are recent archaeological finds that go back to the Iron Age. Prehistoric man chose to live at the foot of this glorious mountain. Inspired by its mystery he created the legends that gave birth to the Twelve Greek Gods. The 12 ancient Greek gods live in ravines, “the mysterious folds of Mt. Olympus” according to Homer. They have their palaces there. Pantheon (today’s Mytikas) is their meeting place. Their tempestuous discussions are heard by the god of gods Zeus (or Dias in Greek) sitting on his imposing throne (today’s Stefani). From there he unlooses his thunders showing “his godly wrath”. In Iliad Mt. Olympus is described as magnificent, long, glorious and full of trees. At the foot of the mountain, a sacred Macedonian city is dedicated to Zeus (Dias) and is called Dion. It is estimated that it flourished between the 5th century B.C. and the 5th century A.C.
The excavations that started in 1928, revealed archaeological finds of the Macedonian, Greek and Roman Era. They are exhibited in the museum of Dion. Piblia and Livithra are two more ancient cities near Olympus. The whole Mt. Olympus has been declared an archaeological and historical place in order to preserve its monumental and historical character.


Price: AD 250 / CH 200

Duration: 2 days/ 1 night

Included: Round trip transfers, mountain guide, accommodation 1 night at the refuge +13 €, 1 breakfast +8 € ,Briefing on details of the route, Basic security equipment & Short distance walkie-talkie

Excluded: Personal climbing equipment ,Medical insurance, Additional meals & drinks

Runs: From June to October upon request

Meeting point: Your hotel

Language: English

Cancellation policy: 48 hours prior 100% cancellation fees. Before that relevant bank charges are withheld only

Important note: This trail of Mt. Olympus can be hiked throughout the year, provided that you are properly equipped and the weather allows so. Leave no trace on the mountain. Be sure that everybody enjoys on the trails as you did. Everything that you take on the trail should be taken with you after completing the trails. Group size is minimum from 4 persons and maximum 8- individuals after request. Recommendations: Health and medical. The guide will have a first aid kit. We recommend to bring with your own medicines you might need. Weather – For mountains of this height, weather is quite unpredictable, but from June to September are the best months for comfortable ascent. Personal gear: Rucksack, Hiking poles, Thermos –water bottle, Head torch, Trekking shoes or boots, Light jacket / raincoat with hood (for summer period), Warm socks – 2pairs, Sun glasses, Camera

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