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Magical Crete (from Chania)

Magical Crete (from Chania)

38€ / per person
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Ancient city of Aptera: At the archaeological site of Aptera which means wingless in Greek (a name that comes from the mythical war between the Sirens and the Muses with the former losing and casting themselves wingless into the sea) you will be able to admire findings of all periods in this ancient City-State. It is mentioned in Linear B tablets since 14th-13th century BC and was powerful during Minoan through Hellenistic times after which it gradually declined. The walls of the city, which are 3,480 meters long, date back to its ancient Greek period, the 4th century BC. A newly excavated theatre belongs to a latter Roman era. Ruins of a Hellenistic villa with a peristyle yard, of the early years of Roman rule built on the standards of the Hellenistic period. Unexpectedly high Roman cisterns and parts of public and private baths and buildings of the Byzantine Period as well as a large Ottoman fort and the monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos are also there for you to admire. The view from the hilltop of Aptera is absolutely breathtaking! Lake Kournas:
Lake Kournas is actually the only large natural lake in Crete and is located in an enchanting landscape, surrounded by high mountains and olive groves. It is located near the village Kournas, 2.5 km southeast of the beach of Georgioupolis, 43 km east of Chania and 20 km west of Rethymnon. Lake Kournas and its surroundings constitute a very important ecosystem for Greece. Kournas is one of the very few areas of Crete where plenty of fresh water is stored throughout the year. For this reason, it is protected under the Natura 2000 program. Many species of birds find shelter here, like moorhens, ducks, herons and cormorants. There is a famous myth that about a village in the position of the lake, where a beautiful girl lived with her father. One day, while they were walking to the fields, they stopped to rest for a while. The young daughter began to comb her hair and her father admired her. However, this admiration turned to erotic love and her father tried to seduce his daughter. The desperate girl started shouting “Lake come and I will be the ghost of the lake”. The area immediately sank and flooded with water, creating the lake. There are tales of locals saying that many visitors have seen a fairy combing her hair in the moonlight, sitting on a rock in the middle of the lake. They say that the fairy protects the animals and the ducks of the lake. A sub-myth of the fairy myth says that God got angry because of the sinful behaviour of locals and caused a flood to punish them. The residents were all drowned except the daughter of the priest who is the fairy that has been seen by locals. TRIP ITINERARY:
First stop after an interesting drive up will be the ‘’Ancient site of Aptera’’ and ‘’fortress of Koules’’. Afterwards our group has time to take magnificent photos of the view to Souda bay from the fortress of Koules. Time spending there is about 1 h 20 m. Entrance to the enclosure there is 2€.
We will continue the drive into the White mountains until we reach a Wine factory in Katochori. Our guide and the owner of the wine factory will guide you in their vineyards and brief you regarding how Cretan wine is produced. At the end of the walk all our guests will have time for wine tasting accompanied by Cretan appetisers (our typical cheese ‘’graviera’’,olives,kalitsounia e.t.c). The wine tasting and appetisers are per person and included in our price. Time there is about 2 hours for walk, wine tasting and appetisers.
And lastly time to relax at our last stop is the famous natural lake of ‘Kournas’’. There you have about 1,5 hour free to relax by renting a pedal boat, do kanoe kayak or just relax by renting a sunbed and swim in the lake. There are of course many restaurants with a beautiful view all over the lake. Return time in Chania area is about 17:30-18:00 p.m


Price: AD 38 // CH 19 (3-12 years old)

Duration: 10 hours, tour first pick up starts at 08:00

Included: Round trip transfers, guide, wine tasting & traditional appetisers

Excluded: Entrance at Aptera enclosure: 2 Eur, pedal boat kanoe kayak rental fees, sunbeds, umbrellas & meals

Runs: Wednesday (24/4-16/10)

Meeting point: Your hotel or at specific pick up points close to it

Language: English

Cancellation policy: Up to 48 hours prior 100% cancellation fees. Before that relevant bank charges are withheld only


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