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Foodies feast of Heraklion

Foodies feast of Heraklion

93€ / per person
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Join us on this food and wine tour of Heraklion that will treat your taste buds to authentic Cretan dishes and local wines. During our walk, we’ll introduce you to the best food that Heraklion has to offer. The Cretan cuisine is one of the healthiest and tastiest diets in the world, and the base of the Mediterranean diet, and you’ll find out how Crete’s culture, history, and geography have all helped to create this region’s unique cuisine. On this Crete food tour, we’ll take a stroll through Heraklion’s local neighbourhoods as we share with you our passion for food and discuss local culinary traditions.We’ll start our tour with a traditional Greek coffee, also known as ellinikós kafés. Drinking coffee is a daily ritual in Greece, and as we sip our freshly brewed dark liquid, you’ll learn all about the history of coffee in the country.At our next stop, you’ll savour Heraklion’s famous bougatsa, a must-taste for any visitor to the city. Bougatsa is a pastry consisting of semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo. Best of all, you’re going to taste the best ones in town, as the owners of this spot have been mastering their bougatsa technique since 1922!Leaving the historical centre, we’ll then visit a local market to chat with vendors and learn about their products. You’ll get to sample olives, rusks and cheese — and we’ll even teach you how to maximise your enjoyment and appreciation of cheese (yes, it is possible to love it even more than you already do). And of course, no food tour of Crete would be complete without tasting the island’s famous olive oil, so that’s next !After all these tastings, we’ll then sit down for a local meat dish — or if you’re brave enough for fried snails, you can sample a dish that’s loved by most locals!We’ll then finish up our tour by trying some local wines from a family-run shop. Wine has a long history on Crete, having been made on the island since the Bronze Age.


Price: AD/CH 93

Duration: 4 hours, starts at 12.00

Included: Local guide, food and beverage samples as indicated in the itinerary (coffee, rusks, olives, cheese, pastries, traditional sweets, local wine/spirit tasting, meats). The inclusions are more than enough that you can skip lunch

Excluded: Additional food and drinks

Runs: Monday to Saturday all year round

Meeting point: Eleftherias Square, in the city centre. Eleftherias Square is the main square in Heraklion

Language: English

Cancellation policy: Up to 48 hours prior 100% cancellation fees. Before that relevant bank charges are withheld only

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