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Canyoning in Deos with 8 rappel

Canyoning in Deos with 8 rappel

88€ / per person
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For many extreme sport fans canyoning is the top of all the field activities since it combines hiking in a wild scenery, swimming in a river, going down a vertical cliff (rappel) on a waterfall using special equipment. The dives into the cool waters, the dizziness of the height, the climbing through huge, vertical cliffs and narrow passes, the imposing beauty of the ravine make its crossing an endless, original adventure for those who seek extreme experiences.We start off the car park and descend on a dirt road at first and then on a trail, after 20 minutes we are on the 1st rappel! All rappel is exactly one after another, with the highest being 25 meters. The last rappel is dark as we enter a kind of cave. Concluding the rappel we go back to the dirt road and after 35-40 minutes of uphill walk we get back to the starting point. Deos Canyon
Rappel: 8 (or 9)
Difficulty: Medium – Difficult
Duration: 6 hours
Physical State: Moderate – Good
Ages: Adolescents – Adults
Location: Paleochori, Metsovo
Distance from Ioannina: 50 minutes


Prices:  AD//CH 88€ (During summer chidrlen over 4 years old, during winter children over 8 years old can participate. For children there is one extra instructor)

Duration: 6 hours//Starts at 08.00

Included:  All necessary technical gear and equipment (except for your shoes, each individual need to have a pair of hiking shoes


Runs:  Daily all year long

Meeting point: Ioannina

Language:  English

Cancellation policy:  4 days prior 100 % cancellation fees. Before that relevant bank surcharged will be held


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