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Bites, spirits and romance

Bites, spirits and romance

99€ / per person
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Are you ready for an evening adventure into the heart of Thessaloniki? This tour is a potpourri of the city and the best introduction you can get to this multifaceted gem of the north.
When Thessaloniki was founded by King Cassander back in 315 B.C., it became an important trade centre connecting Europe with Asia — and as a result welcomed many diverse cultures, which have all contributed to the city’s intriguing vibe today.
Your Thessaloniki by night tour starts in the heart of the city before venturing into what used to be the peasant’s market. Camouflaged behind tall buildings, thus making it difficult to be seen, today the old bazaar has transformed into a nightlife haven for the locals and is a place that will definitely surprise you.
Here you’ll get your first introduction to the local scene by sampling our local craft beer, accompanied by our national street food (also known as souvlaki). As you snack and sip your guide will tell you the history of the city through its interesting personalities and food.
From there, we will make our way to the nightlife hot spot of the city with pit stops at amazing rooftops, hidden bars and forgotten lane-ways and you’ll experience how gentrification has transformed old, shady neighbourhoods into hip urban areas. But you’ll also hear the stories behind the many abandoned buildings, stories with heroes and traitors, love and hate.
We hope all that history has made you hungry because we’ve got your stomach covered at our next stop, where we share a meze platter of local delicacies, just the way the Greeks have been doing it for centuries.
Lastly, we’ll stroll through the historic neighbourhood of Ladadika. Nowadays it is packed with restaurants, bars and clubs but this wasn’t always the case. The district has seen glorious days and decades of abandonment, and it was once the olive oil trade’s stomping ground, as well as housed working girls and army troops during its red light district period.
Your Thessaloniki tour will end here, but you’re welcome to stay out for another drink or two. And of course, your local guide will be happy to pass along any tips for the rest of your stay in Thessaloniki.


Price: AD 99 //Children cannot participate in this tour

Duration: 3.5 hours, start at 08.00

Included: Local guide, glass of local drink at each stop (3 bar stops), street food (1 souvlaki), 1 shared platter of Greek “mezedes” (local finger foods)


Runs: Tuesday to Saturday all year round

Meeting point: Kinissi Palace Hotel, on the corner of 41 Egnatia St. and 17 Siggrou St.

Language: English

Cancellation policy: Up to 48 hours prior 100% cancellation fees. Before that relevant bank charges are withheld only

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