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Beach Snorkeling Adventure

Beach Snorkeling Adventure

100€ / per person
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The snorkeling adventure guide will assist the customers with donning their equipment and becoming comfortable in the water before slowly swimming out towards Paradise House Reef. The customers will spend the next hour slowly swimming along the rocky reef towards the pier while the snorkeling guide points out the interesting marine life that can be seen.
The guide will assist the snorkelers in developing their abilities by informing them on new techniques they can use to swim more comfortably at the surface and enjoy the marine world in a fun and relaxing manner.


Prices:  AD/CH 100€

Duration: 2 hours

Included:  Full Equipment & guide


Runs:  Daily from 20/4 to 28/10

Meeting point: Diving center

Language:  English

Cancellation policy:  In order to confirm booking the full amount is requested. Non refundable.

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