Paros Travel Packages and Tours

Paros Optional Tours 

1.PRIVATE - Drive and walk Tour at Naoussa, Lefkes & Byzantine Way

A private tour by car & on foot which gives you a true “feel of the place”; it includes guided visits to three traditional villages and an easy hike on an ancient trail in the Parian countryside, as well as a traditional coffee break.
We pick you up from your hotel in our minivan and drive you to Naoussa for a short tour of the traditional town center and the picturesque port with its remains of the Frankish (Venetian) fort. We then drive you to Lefkes in the island’s interior and start with a short tour of the village. Perched high on the hills but still invisible from the sea…

2.PRIVATE - Parian Herbs and Wine Tour

This is a unique walking tour with a strong botanical, gastronomic & cultural accent, in the countryside around Lefkes. We pick you up from your hotel in our minivan and drive you to Lefkes and start with a short tour of the traditional village, the heart of an older, agricultural Paros. We soon find ourselves on the Byzantine Way, a centuries-old marble-paved footpath to the next village. You are introduced to the various herbs and edible plants that border our trail and hear all about their culinary and medical uses past and modern, as well as their stories; our talk expands to the various aspects of …

3.PRIVATE - Parian Marble Tour

A driving force of the island’s development and source of its importance and past riches, the ‘lychnite’, the unique Parian white translucent marble (aka. ‘Parian stone’), has shaped life, history and the environment on Paros through the ages. Following the pieces along the marble trail on the island makes an exciting cultural & sightseeing tour – not just for history and archaeology buffs! We start at Parikia, the island’s capital, with a short tour of this 4000-year-old town to discover marble spoils and construction pieces that withstood the passage of centuries, tracing their origins and use…

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