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Don't listen to what they say... come and see

Santorini is the most spectacular and breathtaking island in the Mediterranean sea and not without reason.
Admire the submerged Caldera, the focal point of what is probably the biggest volcanic eruption in human history. This side of Santorini Island is balanced on the edge of the Caldera while the other side of the Island is flat and offers many beautiful beaches like the white beach, the red beach and the black beach! Santorini greatest experience is, the still active, volcano in the center of caldera, hop on a traditional boat, climb the volcano and swim in the hot springs. Enjoy a glass of wine or have a winetasting in one of the many wineries, stroll around its capital’s narrow streets and taste some Greek flavours and last but certainly not least the extraordinary sunset from Oia village. Santorini is also one of the top wedding destinations in Europe!

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Cycladic islands

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Best time to visit

April to October

Must visit

The volcano, Oia village for sunset, Akrotiri excavations

Best beaches

Black beaches of Kamari and Perivolos

Must taste

Local wines like Vinsanto, fava beans, cherry tomatos and capers

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