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The isle of the knights

Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese complex and it is the 4th larger island in Greece which is one of the most popular destinations of the country. An island of intense contradictions, Rhodes combines harmoniously the medieval with the traditional element, the long beaches with the pinewood mountains, mountainous villages with coastline settlements, archaeological places, medieval monuments and cosmopolitical touristic resorts, forming an unrivaled destination which can satisfy any expectation.

Its rich history is diffused into every corner of the island since every conqueror that has passed left a strong mark. The island flourished the 4th century BC the famous KOLOSSOS was raised.

After the destructive earthquake on 155 AC Knights from the order of Saint Jonh came on the island and renovate the castle with a unique fortification in Europe.

The medieval city, the capital of the island and a UNESCO monument, is built semicircular around the main port. In this old town dominates the palace of the grand Master (Kastello), one of the first buildings constructed by the knights, while a walk is required on the famous street of knights.

With a very developed touristic infrastructure and intense life, Rhodes is the ideal destination for every style of escapes. If you love luxury resort, cosmopolitan nightlife or you need a quiet family vacation this is the place for you.

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Best time to visit

April to October

Must visit

Street of knights, Lindos acropolis, butterfly valley, Grand Masters palace, archaeological museum

Best beaches

Anthony Quinn Beach, St Paul’s Bay, Lindos, Tsambika, Ixia, Faliraki

Must taste

Roditis wine, olive oil, watermelon, honey , melekouni sweet

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