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Crystal clear waters, rough mountains but majestic at the same time, great museums and ancient settlements, impressive caverns known from the prehistoric times, wall paintings with vivid colors, benign climate, majestic beaches with luxury hotels, charming villages, traditions and warm hospitality, exquisite local Mediterranean cuisine. A unique island, the largest in Greece with more than 1000 km coastline. This is Crete!

The location of Crete between Africa and Europe along with the mild climate made her culture and civilization center from the Neolithic years. Around 2600 BC. colonists copper workers arrived on the island and the great history of the Minoan civilization started. The Palace of Knossos, Festos and Mallia were built at that period.

Myth says that Zeus brought his mistress Europe to Crete in order to enjoy their love and their son Minoas was the King of Crete!

Around 1450 BC the Minoan civilization was destroyed possibly from Santorini’s volcano eruption. Massive tsunami hit Crete and destroyed everything…

Crete is divided in 4 regions.


Chania is at the western part of Crete and it is characterized by the impressive white mountains (Lefka Ori in Greek). Wander around the streets of the old town and feel like you are in a maze. The imposing Venetian houses, the fountains and the temples make you feel like a time traveler. Explore the traditional settlements of the wider region with great agriculture units for alternative tourism like Vamos and Milia. Taste the famous tangerines, explore the lake Kourna with its unique and rare ecosystem, visit the local wineries and taste the wines of the Cretan earth.


Between the white mountains and Idi mountains lies the region of Rethymnon synonym of the unparallel beauty of rocky sceneries, wonderful coastline, melodies from Cretan lira, local food with tsikoudia, legendary caverns, historical monasteries, traditional mountain villages and luxury resorts. Feel the quintessence of Crete…


The largest and densely populated region of the island it is surrounded by two mountain ranges, Idi (Psiloritis) on the west and Dikti from the east. In Heraklion you will find some of the most significant archaeological places in Crete, beautiful beaches and a charming inland with picturesque villages, caverns and gorges, mountain ranges and valleys with olive trees and vine trees as well as the best touristic infrastructure. The unparalleled combination of the urban scenery and the natural wealth makes Heraklion a unique destination you must explore!


At the eastern part of Crete, Lassithi region amazes with its contrasts. Behind the blinding glow of the worldwide famous beach resorts and 5 star hotels, there are untouched from the tourism beautiful mountain villages, deserted beached, unknown archaeological places and small churches from the Byzantine times creating a magical scenery.

Here hiding some of the most charming views of Megalonisos (Big island). The bottomless lake of Saint Nikolaos, the super luxury resorts of Elounta, the famous island of lepers Spinalonga with its tragic past and the charming present. Let’s follow a path that has it all, entertainment and nightlife, luxury, peace and history.

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Language spoken





Heraklion and Chania

Best time to visit

All year round

Must visit

Old cities of Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania, Agios Nikolaos lake, Samaria gorge, Elafonnisi, The venetian castles

Best beaches

Bali, Balos lagoon, Elafonissi, Vai, Falssarna, Matala

Must taste

Tsikoudia, olive oil and olives, graviera cheese, skaltsounia sweets, honey

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