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It feels good to be lost in the right direction...

Corfu, called Kerkyra in Greek, is probably the greenest island with dense vegetation. An island with great history linked with Greek culture and tradition for thousands of years.

The first habitants where the “Feaci” (Feakes in Greek). According to Odyssey Feaci helped Odysseus to find and return to Ithaca.

Nowadays Corfu’s habitants have kept a cheerful attitude. They are famous for their hospitality and their unique way of talking like they sing!

Everyone will admit that the old town of Corfu, an UNESCO monument since 2007, is one of the many reasons to visit this Ionian island. Narrow alleys known as “Kantounia”, two story buildings with red roof tiles, old churches with hagiographies of great value and a lot of museums make this town memorable. The borders of the city are two old fortresses open for visit.

Only 3 km away from the old town, in 258 acres lies the Palace of Mon Repos. It was built as a summer resort by the English commissioner of the Ionian islands Federic Adam in 1831. In 1864 the the Corfiot municipality gave it to King George the first who named it Mon Repos (my relaxation). The Palace has hosted a lot of royalties over the years such as the Emperor of Austria Elizabeth, princess Sissy and it is the birthplace of prince Phillip, husband of queen of England Elizabeth. After the end of the Greek kingship the palace returned to the municipality and now it is open for visit.

A few miles south of Corfu , like a dot on the Ionian sea, you will find the islands of Paxoi and antipaxoi. They may be small but in reality they can offer you the vacation of your dreams. Paxoi have a port like fiord, small traditional houses and the time stands still…

Antipaxoi is an even smaller island that you can’t miss. The beaches will stay in your memory for ever…

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Best time to visit

April to October

Must visit

Mon Repos, old town, Paxoi, Antipaxoi, cape Drastis, Vlacherna monastery, Palaiokastritsa

Best beaches

Sidari, Benitses, Kontokali, Kavos, Glyfada

Must taste

Kumquat, Nouboulo, mini strawberries, mandoles, ginger ale

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