Booking Notes and Details

Sailing Yachts / Catamarans and as applicable

1. The filled in yachting booking form will encompass your full request for 1 vessel and the proposal that you will receive will be based on weekly rates.

2. Discounts are provided depending on the charter period
The applicable discounts for 2020 are the following:
10% for early booking valid till 31/01/2020
5% to repeating World Tourist Clients
5% on the second week of Charter
10% on the third week of Charter
15% on the fourth week of Charter
15% total maximum discount

3. The chartering period you are interested in and the size of the vessel you want are needed to finalize your selection. We will inform you about the availability, make the best possible proposal and hold an option on the vessel you prefer for 24-48 hours depending on the period. The booking is considered confirmed when a deposit is paid and the chartering contract is signed from Client’s side as well.

4. Shorter period bookings
5 days: 80% of the weekly rate
4 days: 65% of the weekly rate
3 days or less 55% of the weekly rate

5. Security Deposit: Security deposit must be arranged before embarkation at the broker’s base or as directed. Payment by credit card, Visa or Mastercard per vessel selection. It applies per accident (damage or loss). This means that should an incident occur, in order to be covered against a 2nd incident, the Charterer must leave a new security deposit equal to the initial amount. In any other case, the agreement will be terminated. Security deposit cost will be at half price for all skippered charters.

6. Embarkation is at 17:00 and disembarkation is at 09:00 in the morning on the last day of the charter period. The vessel must return to base the evening before disembarkation by 18:00 the latest.

7. Cancellation Policy
• Bookings cancelled up to 91 days prior to embarkation date, full refund, however, administration fees of 150 € may apply.
• Bookings cancelled between 90 & 61 days prior to embarkation 30% of the total charter fee.
• Bookings cancelled between 60 & 31 days prior to embarkation 50% of the total charter fee.
• Bookings cancelled less than 30 days prior to embarkation 100% of total charter fee.
In any case, if the vessel is chartered again, under the same conditions, then full refund of the down payment is applicable.

8. For additional on the spot payments and other arrangements before embarkation the bases are in: Athens, Lefkada, Corfu, Lavrion, Skiathos, Volos, Kos, Rhodes, Paros, Mykonos. Other locations may be applicable depending on requirements, availability and agreed itinerary

9. Free of charge
Outboard Engine, Autopilot, GPS Plotter

10. One Ways (on specific dates)
Athens – Lavrion: 200 €
Athens – Dodecanese: 800 €
Athens – Sporades: 700 €
Athens – Ionian: 700 €
Athens – Cyclades: 500 €/800 €
In between Sporades Dodecanese Cyclades and Ionian: 350 €

11. Standard Insurance Options
Non-Refundable Deposit:
• For all catamarans: 450 € plus an additional
refundable deposit of 800 €
• For yachts from 50 ft. and above: 350 € plus an
additional refundable deposit of 700 €
• For yachts above 43 ft. to 49 ft.: 300 € plus an
additional refundable deposit of 600 €
• For yachts up to 42 ft.: 250 € plus an additional
refundable deposit of 500 €
The broker reserves the right not to accept the non-refundable deposit

12. Charter Packages (provided by independent suppliers and are payable at the base in cash or as directed

-Starter pack (mandatory on all yachts)
End cleaning, fuel for the outboard engine, cooking gas, water, linen (2 sheets, 1 pillow case, 1 bath towel) per person.
Harbour fees for the first and last night.
*Extra linen pack, if required, is 10 Euros per person per set.
** If there is pet on board, then double starter pack will be applied.
80 Euros for 2 cabin boats
130 Euros for 3 cabin boats
150 Euros for 4 cabin boats
200 Euros for 5-6 cabin boats
200 Euros for catamarans up to 39ft
230 Euros for catamarans 40-43ft
250 Euros for catamarans 44-50ft

-Welcome Pack 35 Euros
4 rolls of toilet paper, 1 bar of soap per WC, 1 roll of Kitchen paper, 1 box of matches, plastic bags for rubbish, 1 dish sponge, 1 bottle of detergent, sugar, salt and pepper, 1 pack of coffee, 6-pack of water, 2 bottles of wine, 6 cans of coke, 6 cans of beer, 1 lt of milk

-Easy access 20 Euros per person (payable on spot)
Access to the yacht by 14:00 and 1 bottle of Greek wine. In the event of delay beyond our control refunds will be made

-Internet on board 40 Euros + 20 Euros per week after the first one
Wi-fi hotspot for up to 5 devices and 5 GB of internet

-Linen Pack 10 Euros per set, 5 Euros per beach towel,
1 extra set of linen (2 sheets, 1 pillow case, and 1 bath towel), 1 extra beach towel

13. Optional Extras (provided by independent suppliers and are payable at the base in cash or as directed)
Skipper: 170 € / day + meals(crew require their own cabin)
Hostess: 140 € / day + meals (crew require their own cabin)
Down payment is required and 25% charge applicable if crew is cancelled less than 4 weeks before embarkation
Railing Net: 180 € for yachts up to 46 ft., 260 € for yachts above 46ft & catamarans
(Half price if the railing net is supplied uninstalled)
Spinnaker / Blister: 200 € /week + Additional security deposit: 500 €
Junior Life Jacket (for children under 25 kg): 20 € (one included in every yacht free of charge)
SUP/KAYAK: 120 € /week
Transfers by taxi or minivan
(costs vary depending on the base and distances)

14. Tax Regulations
Current VAT rate in Greece is 12% (50% discounted rate on the full 24% VAT rate). Should the relevant VAT rate be increased by law prior to the beginning of the charter, the client shall be charged the difference in the VAT. The discounted rate is applicable, under the condition that the skipper returns a declaration stamped, by the port authorities, stating he arrived at a port which lies at a distance greater than 6 nm from the initial port of embarkation.

Luxury Yachts
1. The filled in yacht booking form will encompass your full request for 1 vessel and the proposal that you will receive will be based on weekly rates

2. The Luxury Crewed Yachts charter rates include: Yacht’s insurance, crew wages & supplement.

3. The Luxury Crewed Yachts rates exclude: Applicable VAT Taxes at the time of charter, *APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance which is usually 20-30% of the total charter fee) which covers the below:
Food, beverages and drinks for the guests (as per supermarket receipts), fuel for the engines & generators (depending on fuel rate and cruising hours), Gasoline and lubricants for the use of the tenders & water toys, Port Fees, Corinth canal fees (if applicable), Delivery fees (TBA if applicable), foreign water fees (if applicable), land transfers/tours as requested, private marina charges (if any) and the Crew gratuity if earned (optional as per MYBA tipping policy) commonly proposed 5-15% of charter fee. Further details will be provided within our proposal along with the specific costs based on the vessel(s) offered
*The A.P.A. (Advance Provisioning Allowance) sum is estimated to be 20-30% of the total charter fee. The captain keeps all the receipts of the expenses and at the end of the charter we do the final financial settlement. If during the charter the costs are beyond the APA, then additional funds will be required for the outstanding bills upon disembarkation (payment by cash). If there is any remaining credit, the charterer will receive back the relevant amount of money (by cash/bank transfer).

4. The chartering period you are interested in and the size of the vessel you want are needed to finalize your selection. We will inform you about the availability and make the best possible proposal. The booking of the vessel takes place when you send us the pre-agreed first payment (50%) and sign the Charter Party Agreement. The remaining charter payment must be received 1 month before you come aboard at the port.

5. Cancellation Policy – will be detailed in the provided Charter Party Agreement

6. Payment Conditions:
All prices are provided in Euro.
Bookings are final only when officially confirmed and the 50% of the charter rate has been paid on booking/contracts. The balance payment should be made 1 month prior to embarkation (50% of the charter rate + VAT + APA). If the booking is confirmed in a shorter period than a month the 100% of the charter rate + VAT+APA should be paid on booking / contracts. Funds must be received in full. Any bank charges will be deducted from the A.P.A.

General info – all yachts
Kindly note that the proposed vessel(s) will be subject to availability at the time of confirmation and to the owner’s final approval.
Empty Run Cost / Delivery Fees (if applicable): The cost of transferring a vessel to a location other than her home base or redelivering the boat to her home base without guests. This includes the fuel cost. Please note that the price of the fuels changes in the market and the fuel consumption is depending also from the weather conditions.

Water Sports (toys)
Among our portfolio there are Motor and Mega yachts that they have the facility of water toys already on board. These are allowed only under certain conditions and always upon captains’ discretion without need of justification. Conditions taken in consideration are: Marine traffic (boats, jet skis, surfers, etc.), Wind, Waves, Proximity to swimmers, Topography and local conditions (shallow reefs, currents etc.), No usage after consumption of alcohol.

Port Authority Charter Party Documents and Preference Lists:
Preference lists will be filled upon request. All names as per passport and passport numbers should be provided so as to prepare the Passenger List document required for charter. Passenger list should be provided at the earliest possible prior embarkation in order for everything to be prepared in time.

Itinerary Disclaimer:

All itineraries are suggested and subject to approval by Captain as applicable who will be evaluating prevailing weather and sea conditions at the time of charter. Private charter vessels are not cruise ships and can alter point of call at any time during the charter for passengers’ safety and comfort. The itinerary that will be followed will be discussed by Charterer and Captain upon embarkation, every effort will be made to meet Charterer’s preferences but the actual itinerary that will be followed is subject to weather conditions and to the discretion of the Captain who will be considering passengers’ safety first. Whilst every effort will be made to secure berthing in the chosen ports during the charter neither the Owner nor the Stakeholder nor the Broker nor Captain can be held responsible for the final allocation of any berth. This is not a contractual document but only a sample itinerary suggestion which is not legally binding. All information is given in good faith and is believed correct but cannot be guaranteed. World Tourist, the Owner, the Stakeholder, the Broker and the Captain do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. All information is subject to change without notice and is without guarantee.

Itineraries and embarkation bases: Select from the available itineraries relevant to the embarkation bases in the yachting form – alternatively inform us regarding your preferences in the message box and we will advise you for possibility of relevant modifications and additional costs (if applicable).

For other issues and details see the yacht booking form – please note that the filled in booking form herein does not constitute a replacement or an interpretation as a whole or any part thereof by any means of the finalized Charter Party Agreement (Contract) which follows the format of the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine and must be signed by the Client. MYBA contracts may also be applicable for certain vessels (additionally). All prices mentioned here (as valid for 2019) are subject to change without prior notice.

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