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About us

World Tourist’s team has an experience of over 15 years in the Greek Tourism sector with a clear focus on incoming tourism. An established travel agency (GNTO Reg. No.: 0208Ε60000693201),  located in Athens, we have served multiple Partners abroad and thousands of travelers to Greece on a Private, Group or VIP basis from various countries.
Through always improving, continuous market research, collaboration with top providers and specialists in multiple Greek destinations, we can ensure that our services will exceed your expectations and will always be executed efficiently and on time. A suitable ever-expanding network has been formed especially for our B2B partners to benefit from – competitive rates are always provided taking the experience for your Clients to the next level.

Our goals upon contacting us:

  • Response time: 1 working day response to requests (acknowledgement) with any queries to fully appreciate Client requirements, 2-3 working days response for customized travel package proposals (incl. yachting and cruise requests), 5-7 working days response for wedding ceremonies or corporate event proposals. Dedicated travel consultant and/or specialists are present for ensuring that event services are executed seamlessly on-site.
  • Quality / Cost: We aim to give you top quality at the best rates for each booking for the top or “alternative” destinations in Greece. Our philosophy is that a “World Tourist” should get more by paying less. Our strict OPEX strategy as well as Greek market knowledge ensures that your expectations will be exceeded quality/cost wise.  
  • Personalized care for Clients: This is our focus and key for satisfying all Clients. From a successful travel package to a luxury villa rental, from an appropriate charter with an ideal yacht and itinerary to a dream cruise and an event to remember. Our every-day routine is governed by technology through latest flight, boat, accommodation and other dynamic platforms nowadays but we can attest to the fact that nothing beats personalized care for any Client through e.g. a simple clarification phone call, a customized email or a face to face welcome meeting at Greece’s main airport or even at our offices located 10 minutes away from it.  
  • Communication during your stay in Greece / Insurance / Safety / Security: Access 24/7 to us, through calling our landlines for emergencies, is always enabled to ensure that additional client needs and any mishaps are addressed fast. Request compliance, agency full insurance (both outgoing and incoming liability coverage), minimizing risks for every travel plan and event, Client safety and even security as assisted by our experienced partners and specialists are essential aspects for us.
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